We manufacture furniture for your home.

Specialized in the manufacture of auxiliary furniture, we offer you products in a modern and avant-garde style.

We are Anzadi Mobiliario was born with a line of furniture modern, functional, adaptable to any style and environment, which has positioned us as one of the most innovative companies in the Yecla furniture sector, the cradle of innovation and furniture culture.

Our designs have the objective of meeting the needs of comfort and functionality of any room, providing beauty and warmth, in no place will you feel at home.


Manufacturing furniture since 1991

Since 1991, Zadise Muebles Auxiliares, in its beginnings, with a brand in
classic line known as Zache Diseño, with which it has commercialized its
products in more than 20 international countries, chooses to continue innovating and
decides to design its products in modern lines creating the Anzadi brand

We have designed auxiliary furniture to create furniture functional that
beautify every room in your home, this is our Anzadi brand

The raw material used to manufacture our furniture is sourced
national, thus complying with all the quality standards required by the EEC.
We continue to incorporate new technologies to guarantee the best results in our final products.

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composición moderna
Salón moderno
We offer you the necessary services
so that furnishing your home is easy and funny.

Choose the furniture you like the most and we will take care of it.
transport, assembly and advice with a team of interior designers that will help you
will help you find everything you need to dress your home.
You just have to choose the type of transport you want, and we will do the rest, find out about our shipping and assembly services.

Eurodesignmebel.com offers you a selection of the most functional furniture, responding to each of the storage needs of your home.

Composición moderna